Albany Fire Department
214 E. State St.        Albany, IN 47320
Office: 765.789.6390      Dispatch: 765.747.4807
 Albany - Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Department
Training Division:

The Albany - Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated to providing continuing education for all of our firefighters.  Our department meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month for department training at 7pm.  We strive to train in everything from the basics firefighter skills to other more advanced training.  

The Albany Fire Department provides the capability of training new recruits in the 40 Hour Mandatory Firefighter course, National Incident Management System courses 100, 200, 700, and 800, Healthcare Provider CPR & AED (instructors provided by Albany Emergency Medical Services), and Hazardous Materials Operations and Awareness (provided by the Delaware County EMS VIPER Team).   These courses are provided throughout the year and are opened up to surrounding agencies to help them better their departments as well.

Fire Instructors from throughout the county assist in our training and state certification classes giving us the ablility to certify these men and woman to better serve the communities in which they work.
Fire Prevention:

The Albany - Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Department is here to help educate the public about Fire Prevention and Fire Safety in the home, business, or at school.  We use this as a community out-reach to help the public.  

Our Firefighters participate in Fire Prevention Week talking with kids about what to do to make their homes safer.  We educate them but use them to go educate their parents also.  We go to the schools and the schools take field trips to come to our station to see what we have giving the kids the opportunity to see what all we have and how we work.  

Every year, there is a different topic that is focused on to help the public be fire smart.  If we can be of any service or assistance, please contact our office at 765.789.6390.  Our Firefighters will be there to help with any event possible to better educate in Emergency Preparedness.  We will be working with the Indiana Red Cross in 2017 when they conduct their smoke detector program to help those who need new smoke detectors in their homes.
Insurance Billing:

The Albany Fire Department bills for services related Structure Fires, Vehicle Accidents, and Hazardous Materials Responses only.  Billing is done through the responsible parties Insurance Company only.  The Albany Fire Department will never turn someone over to collections for non-payment of services.  Any information about billing or for copies of fire reports can be made by calling 765.789.6390 and requesting to speak with Caleb Halsema or Matthew McGraw.  Calls will be returned within 24 to 48 hours and we will need the following information:

1. Name
2. Address of Incident
3. Phone Number
4. Case Report Number (If you have the number)
5. Email Address

Copies of fire reports are available only for the parties involved in the incident and will require the person requesting a copy of the report to show Identification prior to you receiving the report.